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McLean, Virginia

McLean Central Park-GazeboClemyjontri SwingMcLean is home to many diplomats, members of Congress, and high-ranking government officials partially due to its proximity to Washington, D.C. and the Central Intelligence Agency. It is the location of Hickory Hill, the former home of Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy. It is also the location of Salona, the former home of Light-Horse Harry Lee, the Revolutionary War hero.

McLean has a population of about 50,000, according to the 2010 census. Located between the George Washington Parkway and the town of Vienna, the area is known for its many upscale homes, as well as for its high-end shopping, such as at the nearby Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria.  It is about 8 miles from Washington, DC.

Some highlights:

  • McLean Central Park (photo, far right) hosts fairs, weddings, concerts and other events, and has a gazebo, picnic tables and a playground.
  • The well-used McLean Community Center houses the McLean Project for the Arts, which exhibits the work of artists from the mid-Atlantic region, promotes public awareness and understanding of the concepts of contemporary art, and offers instruction and education in the visual arts.
  • McLean is also the home of Clemyjontri Park (photo of swing for disabled children, right), featuring a unique playground where children of all abilities can play side-by-side. It is a playground where every child is welcome.  This park is a place where children who use wheelchairs, walkers or braces, or who have sensory or developmental disabilities, can have a parallel playground experience of fun and exploration.
  • With the two super-regional shopping malls–Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria–and the corporate headquarters of numerous companies, Tysons is Fairfax County’s central business district and a regional commercial center.[6] It has been characterized as a quintessential example of an edge city.