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Summer Vacation — Things to Do Before Leaving Home

Beach Chair-Dog-shutterstock_385893424We all get excited about going on vacation, but there are things to do before we leave that can make the trip a great one.  Here are some tips on things to do before leaving on vacation.

1. Make it appear like someone is home at all times.

The best way to keep away burglars is to give the appearance that someone is home. Have a neighbor or close friend collect your mail or put it on hold for the week. Also, keep a light on, whether it be a lamp near a window or an exterior front light. Lastly, keep your car locked in the drive way, rather than the garage or have your neighbor park in your driveway.

2.  Keep the AC On.

Set your AC around 75-80 degrees. This will prevent mold from entering your house from humidity and the moisture that follows. By setting it higher than you normally would it saves money but also protects your house from future damages.

3.  Unplug and switch off.

Remember to turn everything off, or better yet, unplug them, to conserve energy and money.  Some people even turn their main water off.

4.  Potted Plants.

Ask a friend or pay a teenager to water your outdoor potted plants.  Otherwise you may come and find your once beautiful plants wilted.

5.  Clean out your fridge and trash.

Clean out perishables from the fridge so you’re not in for a nasty surprise when you get back. Take out your trash as well so your home or apartment will smell fresh and clean.

6.  Electronics.

Pack your chargers and fully charge your electronics. We often forget our chargers when we’re on a trip, which causes us to buy some from the area we’re visiting. Remember to pack your chargers before you leave and to also fully charge your electronics, so you won’t run out of batteries before you arrive at your hotel.

7.  Checklist.

Make a checklist of things to bring and double check it. Include things like money, prescriptions, itinerary, confirmation numbers, emergency contact numbers, chargers, passport, tickets, and more.

8.  Pick up reading material and snacks.

Don’t blow your budget at the airport by forgetting to buy these items beforehand.

9.  Relax, forget about what’s happening at home and have a great vacation!

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