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Tysons Corner Gets New Name

Vita-Tysons, verticalTysons Corner is getting a new name.  After all this time — 161 years — Tysons Corner will now be known as simply Tysons.  The history of Tysons goes back to 1854 when William Tysons purchased to property at the intersection of Rt 7 and Rt 213 and it became known as Tysons Corner.  The US Census Bureau has agreed to have the Census Designated Place name changed to Tysons.  This was announced on November 9 by Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) and the Tysons Partnership.

All public facing geographic products will reflect the change beginning in the summer of 2016.  It will be official on all maps and social media applications. So we won’t have to wait very long.  Connolly said, “We’ve come a long way from when Tysons Corner was a quiet rural intersection in the 1950’s.”  The Tysons Corner Shopping Center opened in 1968.

“It’s fresh. It’s crisp,” said Michael Caplin, executive director of the Tysons Partnership, a nonprofit association that represents Tysons businesses and other stakeholders.

“With the addition of the Silver Line, Tysons has become the economic engine of Fairfax County and one of the premier modern destinations to work, live, shop, and play, in the national capital region,” Connolly said.

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