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Millennials Prefer Walkable Communities New NAR Poll Shows

Women tying running shoeMillennials prefer walking over driving by a substantially wider margin than any other generation, according to a new poll conducted by the National Association of Realtors® and the Transportation Research and Education Center at Portland State University. The 2015 National Community and Transportation Preference Survey found that millennials, those aged 18–34, prefer walking as a mode of transportation by 12 percentage points over driving.  Highlights include:

  • When choosing a new home, respondents want transportation choices. 85% said that sidewalks were important, followed by easy access to the highway (82%) and being within an easy walk of places (79%).
  • Millennials placed more importance on being within an easy walk of places and having public transit nearby, compared to the other generations.
  • When asked to choose between a more conventional suburb and a walkable community, respondents were about evenly split.
  • Many people want to live in a more walkable neighborhood than they do now. Overall, 25%currently live in a detached, single family home, but would prefer to live in an attached home in a neighborhood where they could walk to places & have a shorter commute.
  • People who currently live in neighborhoods with lots of places to walk to nearby are more satisfied with the quality of life in their community.

The poll also found that millennials show a stronger preference than other generations for expanding public transportation and providing transportation alternatives to driving, such as biking and walking, while also increasing the availability of trains and buses. Millennials likewise favor developing communities where people do not need to drive long distances to work or shop.

This information was posted on July 29 by Christine Hodges, Chief of Marketing & Communications for NAR.

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