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8 Sure-Fire Ways to Prepare Your House for the McLean Market & Make It #1 in Your Zip Code


Getting your home ready for the market is crucial, but it needn’t been terribly stressful.  Whether you are thinking of downsizing or moving into a bigger home for your family in McLean, VA, or a nearby community, here are some tips:

  1. First Impression is critical.  Most people decide if the house is for them in the first 30 seconds after entering the front door.  So make a great first impression.
  2. Curb appeal:  trim shrubs and trees, lay new mulch, add splash of color with flowers in pots.
  3. Kitchen and Master Bath are focus of most people.  Update if needed with replacing or painting cabinets, updating appliances and countertops.
  4. Repair all wall holes and problem areas. Paint neutral color (not white) where necessary, remove wallpaper.
  5. De-clutter much more than you think you need to, remove all family photos.
  6. Take small pictures down from the walls and only use larger pictures, 1-3 per room.
  7. Remove or open drapes.
  8. Have a stager evaluate.

More things to consider:

  • Buyers want a home in top shape.  If you thinking of moving to a larger home or you are thinking of downsizing, you are probably saying, “Let the buyers make the updates and repairs, that way they can decide what they want” — Don’t.  Make the updates and changes as neutral as possible and it will appeal to most people.  Also, you will get more money for your home and it will sell faster if you make those changes before listing it.
  • You then say to us, “I’m downsizing, hopefully to a less expensive house.  I may not get my money out of my present home.”  That’s correct, you may not.  But our statistics show that you will get 3-5% more for your home if you make the changes ahead of time.
  • How about:  “I’m moving.  I don’t want to put a lot of money in this house.”  Updates and repairs don’t have to be terribly expensive.  And buyers always think the repairs and updates will cost more than they actually do.  They see stains on carpeting, and ka-ching — their mind takes them directly to the line at Home Depot, adding up the total bill.  What they think that bill will be is way above reality.

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